B777 Sim Solution


The B777 Sim Solution is a fixed based simulator and a replication of the actual Boeing 777 flight deck. All flight deck controls, panels, knobs, switches and other components found in the actual aircraft flight deck are replicated in size, look, feel, features and functionality.

The result is a highly accurate software and massive visual system is a completely immersive environment that puts you in an incredibly realistic simulated environment.

This solution is suitable for home or entertainment version and specification vary from one another. 


B777 Flight Deck

  • Replica B777 panels, with accurate switches and knobs, interior trim pieces, and shape to give the cockpit a realistic look.
  • Replica B777  yokes, throttle quadrant with reverser, trim wheels, fuel shutoff levers and TOGA switches.
  • Replica B777 flap levers, tiller, spoiler, parking brake and gear extension handle.
  • Captain and Copilot seats capable of forward and backward mechanical adjustment.

180 Degree Visual System

  • 180 degree curved, movie-quality projector screen and frame.
  • Three overhead projectors to create the HD visual environment that simulates frontal and side window visual effects.
  • Structure for projector support.

Recommended Option: Three 60’’ inch LED Full HD Curved TV

Software Infrastructure

  • Flight Simulator Software
  • Avionics Software
  • All related software systems

IT Hardware

  • One server with several computer systems
  • Network systems and architecture
  • Instructor station PC

Sound System

Audio system including subwoofer will be supplied. Caution and warning level alert sounds shall be reproduced in the cockpit from a separate forward dual speaker system.


Delivery & Installation charges are not included and shall be borne by the customer. This charges shall be determined according to country of destination. These charges shall be for:

  • Packing for transport
  • Ground transport
  • Freight charges (sea or air)
  • Duties / Taxes
  • Installation (man hours, air ticket & accommodation)
B777 Throttle Quadrant

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